Linux and Qmail

I made a patch to qmail-1.02 to have regular expressions in .../control/locals. This avoids the need to put every host in the local domain into that file. I think it is stable, but Your mileage may vary.

I haven't testet it under heavy load, it depends on how fast the regexec function is. Maybe it could be faster than the old hash-function when dealing with a large amount of hostnames, but I am not sure.

Now case ignoring extended regular expression are allowed in locals. And if you prepend a regular expression with "!", it is negated. Order is now important, the first match counts. Doing it this way you can have a general regex for your domain and before that a special one excepting some hostnames.

This is an example locals:


Download the tarball, apply the patch and recompile. Then you just have to move qmail-send to /var/qmail/bin and restart the qmail-system.

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